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Editorial Reviews

Produced by Britt's longtime collaborator Dan Muckala along with producers Chris Stevens, David Garcia and Josh Crosby, 'Gold' merges her passionately thoughtful lyrics with infectious beats and soaring melodies. Also showcasing her masterful vocals and remarkable range, 'Gold' has no shortage of songs that match the tender intensity of its title track. The sweeping, slow-building 'All This Time,' for instance, recounts Britt's struggle to overcome the pain of her parents divorce, while 'Stand' blends high-powered beats with sweetly inspirational lyrics about rediscovering your strength. On 'Ready or Not' (an ode to self-expression and 'just bringing love to people and not holding back who I am,' according to Britt), sunny acoustic strumming gets elegantly layered over stomping rhythms and in-your-face electro effects. And with its throbbing groove, sleek synth, and celebratory lyrics, 'Amazing Life' fast proves to be a dance-pop powerhouse.

Whether delivering a soulful ballad or a beat-soaked dance track, Britt strikes a stunning balance between vulnerability and self-assurance all throughout 'Gold'. Not only evidence of her gift for crafting intensely relatable lyrics, that emotional complexity is a testament to her strength and honesty as a songwriter. 'I write songs to myself,' Britt shares. 'It's always great to see them connect with other people who need to be reminded that worth doesn't come from having all the right things or from success it's about being who you are.'



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